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Fantasy vs Reality

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

The Fantasy is greater than your Reality. People are spending so much time in their imagination about their relationship that the fantasy is becoming greater than their reality. The pornography industry is a good example of this, for example, a person watches a porno video for over several hours. They are observing (actors) engage in non-stop sexual pleasure. No one becomes tired; no one gets or becomes limp, or dry, or gets a leg cramp. It's a non-stop ongoing abundance of erection and moisture. But that's not real! We do get tired, and there are interruptions, and not all positions can be held or allow you to move freely. We have limited flexibility and differing stamina. Some of us have acute and chronic health issues, but too often we allow the theatrics of romance novels, movies, magazines, and pornography to stretch us beyond our reality. This fantasy has led many of us to a place of mental torment and in some cases, seeking unrealistic expectations from our intimate relationship. My concern is the increased influence of self-pleasure is causing or creating emotional detachment in relationships. Have you ever considered that it is possible that your search for self-indulgence is creating a gap between you and your partner? You're making it difficult to connect on a physical, mental, and spiritual level with your loved one. Self-indulgence is making it difficult for you to have a true emotional response to your intimate partner's physical touch. Self-indulgence brings a very mechanical behavior into the relationship. In the book of Genesis God gave Adam a companion because he did not want the man to be alone. God then created a mate, a partner, and a companion for Adam. What is the point of having a mate if your most intimate interaction is spent between you and an inanimate object?

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