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Fruit flies

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

I was in the kitchen one day and I saw fruit flies. Assuming they were there because of the fresh fruit; I started to put the fruit in the refrigerator. But the flies did not go away. Then a few days later my son said that there was an odor in the kitchen. I told him I just boiled salt fish. I boiled the salt fish a day earlier because I was limited on time. The pot boiled over so I assumed it was the lingering fishy smell that he smelled. It wasn't until I started to chop and prepare the vegetables that I realize that there were some rotten potatoes on the counter. Then I thought about the fruit flies. I assumed they were there for the sweet-smelling fruit. But their true purpose was to alert or indicate to me that something was decaying; the death process had begun. Then I started to think about God and sin. I thought to myself, imagine if fruit flies swarmed around us every time we sinned. Imagine what a stench that would be in the atmosphere and what a spectacle we would become for the world to see. But thank goodness we have such a loving gracious God. In Hebrews 10:17 He promises to forget our sins. I encourage you to confess and repent your faults to God and receive his forgiveness.

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